Some times in life we lose our direction and purpose. We get stuck in a rut and can’t find our way out. At this point having someone to act as a guide and assist us can help us to find direction and focus ourselves on what we want and where we want to go and how to achieve this.

I provide coaching for individuals, couples, group and corporate coaching. I have over 21 years of working in mental health and more recently moving into Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I can help in the following areas.

  • career coaching
  • executive business
  • group coaching
  • health and well being
  • performance management
  • personal development
  • relationships
  • spiritual
  • youth coaching.

What I will do:

  • agree a coaching contract for a number of sessions, discuss confidentiality and work to a Code of Ethics
  • build a good working relationship with you that allows you to communicate your  values and beliefs
  • motivate and encourage you  throughout the change process
  • use various techniques and skills to develop your self-awareness
  • Provide you with self-help techniques such and how these can assist you to manage stress and increase productivity
  • help you gain a clearer understanding of your beliefs and how they impact their feelings
  • agree strategies for reaching their goals, continually reviewing progress.

Contact me for a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation: Please put your contact number in the message.

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